Borlaug Through the Years

Borlaug Through the Years

Norman Borlaug came to the University of Minnesota in 1933 as a 19 year-old farm boy (student/athlete). He had never before traveled beyond the state of Iowa. In 9 years he earned a Baccalaureate degree in Forestry, and a Masters and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Plant Pathology. His educational, scientific and philosophical roots run deep in the University of Minnesota. His ties to Minnesota alumni and his several University of Minnesota mentors ( especially Professor Elvin C. Stakman and Dr. Jacob G. “Dutch” Harrar) and his many Minnesota friends lasted a lifetime.

This timeline is Minnesota-centric in that it reflects the perspectives of those who knew, worked with and admired Norman.

Richard J. Zeyen, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Department of Plant Pathology

University of Minnesota

Below is a listing of Department of Plant Pathology alumni and other University of Minnesota plant science graduates who served with Norman and/or supported his international efforts to defeat of wheat, barley and oat stem rust and other plant diseases during the Green Revolution (1941-1980).

Minnesota Plant Pathology Alumni 

* = Spent significant portions of their careers working with and supporting Norman.

Margaret Newton – PhD, 1922 - Canada

J. H. Craigie – MS, 1925 – Canada

Bjorn Peturson –MS, 1929; PhD, 1952 – Canada

R. U. Cotter – PhD, 1929

M. N. Levine – PhD, 1924

H. A. Rodenhiser – PhD, 1928

Helen Hart – PhD, 1929

Thorvaldur Johnson – PhD, 1930 – Canada

L. W. Melander – PhD, 1930

F. J. Greaney - PhD, 1931

*J. G. Harrar – PhD, 1935

I. A. Watson – PhD, 1941

John B. Rowell – PhD, 1949

W. Q. Loegering – PhD, 1949

Harry C. Young – PhD, 1949

*John Gibler – MS, 1950; PhD 1951

Robert Skiles – PhD, 1952

Donald M. Stewart – PhD, 1953

Eugene B. Hayden – PhD, 1956

H. David Thurston – PhD, 1958

*Bobby Renfro – PhD, 1960

Bill J. Roberts – PhD, 1962

Rafael Lopez – MS, 1964

*Eugene Saari – PhD, 1966

Mahesh Pandey – MS, 1966; PhD, 1969

Louis T. Palmer – PhD, 1968

*Jon M. Prescott – PhD, 1970

*Bent Skovmand – MS, 1973; PhD, 1976

Joseph Southern – PhD, 1978

Rockfeller Foundation/Mexican Government Supported Graduate Students at Minnesota's Department of Plant Pathology 

Alfredo Campos – MS, 1950; PhD 1958

Angelita Melendez – MS, 1951

Gabriel P. Murillo

C. Ochoa – MS, 1954

Ma Lourdes De La Isla – MS, 1957

Marco A. Flores – MS, 1957

*Jacaobo Ortega - PhD, 1960

*Ricardo A. Rodriguez – PhD, 1960

Faculty of the Department-Participating in International Collaborations during the Green Revolution 

Professor Thomas King

Professor Roy Wilcoxsin

Professor Milton Kernkamp

Professor Benham Lockhart

Adjunct Professor Robert Romig

Adjunct Professor Jack Schafer

Adjunct Professor Alan Roelfs

Adjunct Professor Donald McVey

Adjunct Professor Paul Rothman

Faculty Who Served as Rockfeller Consultants or with other Green Revolution efforts

*Professor Elvin C. Stakman

Professor Helen Hart

Professor Clyde Christensen

Associate Professor Matthew Moore

Professor Sagar Krupa

Professor Richard Zeyen

Other Plant Scientists from the University of Minnesota 

*Joseph Rupert – BS, 1937 - Forestry

Donald Fletcher - BS, 1922 - Ag. Education; Plant Pathology Graduate work, 1922-25.

*Dr. Al Moseman – PhD, 1941 – Plant Genetics/Pathology Minor

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